The church is able to function with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers often referred to as “Workers” who offer their time and service during church services and events. The work is coordinated by a leadership team of Heads of Department who are also managed by the church leadership

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Sons of God (SOG) Men’s Ministry

SOGLogoThe ‘Sons of God’ Men’s ministry helps to resource, equip, teach and present an alternative lifestyle for men.
Our aim is to enhance, cultivate and draw out the gifts that God has given men in order to bring His purposes to pass.
A man has many roles to play in life he is a son, husband, father, brother, uncle, nephew, grandson and more. However there are three core areas which he needs to cultivate and leave a legacy. (The king, priest and prophet). The Sons of God men’s ministry helps to develop these areas.
We have had several SOG men’s meetings over the years, men’s breakfast events and welcomed speakers such as Pastor Nims Obunge and other great speakers. We also meet regularly for social events and meals out.

Illumination Women’s ministry

illuminationThe Illumination Women’s ministry is led by Pastor Mulenga, with a mission statement: Let your light shine.
The vision for RCCE’s Illumination women’s ministry is to reveal God’s unique plan for each woman through the enlightenment that comes from the word of God. As women, we meet together to study the word with heartfelt prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Webster’s Dictionary defines illumination as “that which illuminates or gives light; brightness; splendour; especially, intellectual light or knowledge”. Our foundational scripture is Matthew 5:14: Ye are the light of this world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.
As women who have received the light of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, we are able to let our light shine and to express the love of God in so many ways. We have been able to extend a helping hand and some encouragement to women in the church. We also care for women in our community, who have been deeply discouraged or in need of immediate assistance. Solace Women’s Aid, is one of the organisations that have benefited from the work of RCCE’s Illumination Women’s Ministry.
We hold several meetings throughout the year including:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Themed breakfast events
  • Conferences
  • Prayer meetings

Chosen Generation

chosengenerationChosen Generation is the team that serves all the children at RCCE. The team members provide a safe and spirit filled environment where children can be taught the word of God. All of our Chosen Generation volunteers are DBS checked.

Our goal is to raise exceptional children to become exceptional leaders.

We hold a wide range of age appropriate activities for children during our services and at other times.

We teach bible stories and biblical principles to children at a level appropriate to their ages and teach the children values for living as Christians at home, school and the society.

The children enjoy a number of activities throughout the year such as art and messy playtimes, story telling and creative activities, creative bible teaching, quizzes, puzzles and games for older children.

We have a parent and baby room for younger children which has a live link to the main service, so you do not miss out whilst nursing your child.


EvangelismThe Evangelism team has been set up to tell people about the gospel of Jesus Christ through various activities. The team is involved in:

Sharing the gospel with the lost souls in Enfield.
Creating an awareness of the urgent need to evangelise with the church.
Encouraging the church to win souls.
Encouraging the church to disciple Christians.
Creating an awareness of the Revival Christian Church in Enfield.

We want to see Matthew 25: 14-40 (the parable of the talents) become a reality in our lives as we use the gifts given to us to increase the Kingdom.


chosen-generationThe functions of the Finance Team are to:
Manage the funds of the Church
Maximise the funds of the Church

Front of House

EvangelismThis team is responsible for providing a welcoming and comfortable church environment for visitors and members. We warmly welcome every person who comes to RCCE and provide support and refreshments in all our services. Our regular tasks are to
Warmly receive all new guests.
Coordinate all the catering needs.
Manage the Café of the church.
Provide easy access to information about the Church.

The H2H Choir

The Heart 2 Heart (H2H) Choir is the musical team for the church consisting of singers and musicians. The ultimate goal of H2H is to: “Effectively win souls for Jesus through Heartfelt, Exhilarating, Anointed, Reviving, Transforming Worship”. The team helps to
Lead and uplift the congregation in worship.
Create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can minister to people, in every worship session and team outreach.
Create an atmosphere for healing and other miracles, signs and wonders in every worship session and team outreach.
Ensure hearts are connected to the Lord through worship, bringing conviction and souls saved.


chosen-generationH2H2 is the youth arm of H2H
Their goal is the same, which is to:
“Effectively win souls for Jesus through Heartfelt, Exhilarating, Anointed, Reviving, Transforming Worship”.
The team was formed out of a burden within the youth to express their love for God in an honest, practical and youthful way!!




maintenanceThe Maintenance team ensures the effective and efficient upkeep of the church building. They ensure that
The maintenance of the building both internally and externally are up to the highest standards
An asset register for all church equipment is held and updated
The building meets all health and safety requirements
Weekly, monthly, and annual checks are carried out

Ministries Coordination

coordinationThe Head of Ministries provides support to all of the church Departments, overseeing the practical functioning of each Department, offering advice and support, to ensure all Departments function correctly in order to meet the needs of the congregation and the local community.


maintenanceThe multimedia team is a skilled technical team that helps to maintain the equipment of the church. The team helps to:
Provide the multi-media services for the church.
Provide visual projection facilities that will enhance the church service.
Record and reproduce message CDs and DVDs.
Provide quality sound engineering services.
Provide other multi-media services required.

Prayer ministry

illuminationThe prayer ministry is the place where we come together to pray about our church, community and the nation.
All members and guests are encouraged to join the Prayer Ministry in the Church and can come to any of the meetings scheduled below.
Daily prayers Morning Prayer Meetings:
Mon – Fri: 6:00am – 7:00am
Sat: 7:00am – 9:00am
Sun: 8:00am – 8:25am
Evening Prayer Meetings:
Mon – Tues: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Wed: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Thurs – Sat: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Prayer for London A 24 hour prayer for London is held on the 23rd of every month.


ProtocolThe Protocol team is the link between the pastoral team and various departments. Their function cuts across all the departments in the church. They are involved in:
Managing the collection and hosting of church guests/visiting ministers.
Ensuring a welcoming and comfortable environment
Providing easy access to information about the church.

Sacred Matrimony

ProtocolSacred Matrimony is the Marriage ministry at RCCE. It is made up of dedicated married couples that are committed to working with couples from all walks of life and experiences by providing them with Godly guidance on how to keep their marriage relationship revived. Our aim is to help couples have an exemplary christian marriage model, that honours God’s marriage covenant so that they can develop further and succeed in the areas of commitment and love for each other and pass on Godly values about marriage learnt to the next generation.
Our outreach programs include Workshops, Retreats, Bonding events and an annual Dinner/Dance.

Teaching & Discipleship

TeachingThis team helps to teach and support all new converts. We work closely with the evangelism department.
Our focus is on the Word of God and we:
Create teaching session for all new converts
Run teaching sessions for believers in the church which will equip, nurture them in the Word of God.
Run baptismal classes

Temple Keeping

TempleKeepingThe Temple-Keeping Team is the cleaning team for the church. They ensure that:
The church is clean and set up for worship
The church and its surroundings are safe and secure.


TransportationThe transport department provides travel assistance to guests and members.
They help to:
Provide transport to/from venue of church programs /events.
Coordinate the parking of people attending church program or events.
Keep the church bus clean.
Ensure that people have transportation available to attend church punctually.


UsherThe ushers in the church help to maintain a secure and orderly environment in church services by helping and supporting people in the service. At each service this team is responsible for:
Greeting people and providing seating at each service
Collecting the tithes and offering
Distributing bulletins and service programmes
Providing a safe and healthy environment
Providing assistance to special needs people to enter and leave safely

Welfare Department


Youth Revived

teenagersministryYouth Revived is the arm of the youth ministry for older children and teenagers. The vision of Youth revived is to see a generation passionate about Jesus and passionate about people enough, to want to take the saving and loving message of Jesus Christ to their friends and their schools and wherever they are.
Youth revived is open to young people from the ages of 11 to 19 and they participate in a number of activities.
Regular Sunday meetings Youth revived all join in with the main worship session at the Sunday service and then hold a separate youth meeting with prayers, relevant notices and a lively discussion on weekly topics. The meeting ends with a demonstration of what they have learnt and a prayer.
Weekly Youth Club Youth revived hosts a weekly youth club every Friday from 7pm – 8:30pm, during school holidays. These meetings are open to all youth from Year 7 through to the 6th form. Activities include Xbox games, pool tables, table tennis, card games, DVD nights and comedy shows. We also operate a nail bar for the benefit of our girls who love to be pampered now and again. We also have talks and open group discussions during our Friday meetings.
Leadership & Evangelism Training RCCE have partnered with N:Flame to promote Leadership and Evangelism Training for the youth.
Youth revived also hosts one off events such as movie nights, Bible Reading Marathon, Operation Christmas Child (Shoebox appeal), Dance Drama evening and a Christmas Party.
Code of Conduct Our code of conduct is “Respect for all”. We value and respect each other and welcome all youth to come and experience the freedom of being themselves and being respected around like-minded youth here at Youth Revived!