Discover The Revive Culture. We believe every organisation has its own DNA or way of doing things. At revival, we believe in refreshing each other, spirit, soul and body through many ways some of which are identified in the following ways:


We are passionate about People, we are concerned about building relationships and meeting the needs of others. Lets reach out to people and have each others interest at heart.


We are very particular about ensuring that we have a servant’s heart and are humble in our dealings with everyone.


We demand excellence of ourselves, uncompromising quality and strive to be a Church that demonstrates excellence in all that we do.


We are an army who are submitted to God’s authority. To fulfil God’s vision there must be order. A structure with the Spirit of God.


We receive direction and motivation from God and his word and dare to dream as big as God has shown us and believe that with God on our side we can achieve the impossible.


We will do all we can to be great examples to each other as we are great believers of one life influencing another.

Health and wellbeing

At revival, we take keen interest in ensuring your spirit, soul and body are taken care of. Lets take good care of our bodies by eating well and fitness. We take keen interest in our mental health as well as our relationships because they holistically determine our overall health and well being.